Tuesday, October 16, 2018
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List of Boston South Shore Towns

Links in list provide photos and information about each town. Abington, Avon, Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Canton, Carver, Cohasset, Dedham, Duxbury, East Bridgewater, Easton, Foxborough, Halifax, Hanover, Hanson, Hingham, Holbrook, Hull, Kingston, Lakeville, Mansfield, Marshfield, Middleborough, Milton, Norwell, Norton, Norwood, Pembroke, Plymouth, Plympton, Quincy, Randolph, Raynum, Rockland, Scituate, Sharon, Stoughton, Walpole, West Bridgewater, Westwood, Weymouth, and Whitman. 

The following South Shore matrix gives you quick access, by town, to about any information you could want, including HOMES FOR SALE.  Everything is hot-linked, and maps are interactive.

 Abington  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Avon  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Braintree  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Bridgewater  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Brockton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Canton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Carver  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Cohasset  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Dedham  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 East Bridgewater  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Duxbury  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Easton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Foxboro  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Halifax  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Hanover  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Hanson  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Hingham  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Holbrook  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Hull  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Kingston  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Lakeville  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Mansfield  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Marshfield  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Middleborough  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Milton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Nowell  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Norton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Norwood  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Pembroke  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Plymouth  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Plympton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Quincy  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Randolph  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Raynham  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Rockland  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Scituate  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Sharon  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Stoughton  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Walpole  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 West Bridgewater  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Westwood  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Weymouth  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools
 Whitman  Profile  Homes  Condos  Multi  Map  Schools

 Boston's South Shore has similar features to the North Shore and Cape Cod, but somehow avoids the throngs that typically crowd other beautiful resort towns during the summer months.

Absent the hordes of tourists and the relative scarcity of industrial development has left the area comfortably residential and somewhat rural.

Hingham has a beautiful harbor and beaches with ferry service to Boston. Scituate and Cohasset feature maritime charm and beautiful ocean views. Hull is a peninsula that juts into the bay and offers large beaches and oceanfront homes.

Immediately south of Boston are the larger suburban towns of Milton, Quincy, and Dedham with a suburban lifestyle appealing to commuters. Farther south, with Routes 24 and 28 passing through them, the Bridgewaters are also ideally located for commuters.

The South Shore Plaza located in Braintree is New England's largest shopping center. This strategic location has attracted urban professionals and their families.

Canton is conveniently located at the junction of Routes 95 and 128 while Foxborough junctions where Routes 95 and 495 meet, making easy travel north south, and west. With abundant beaches, recreational facilities and beautiful old home, these seacoast towns along the South shoreline of Boston have traditionally attracted those who love a peaceful New England climate.

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